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"David DiGirolamo is one of those people everyone likes - and rightly so. He is smart, skilled, and dedicated to providing value to others, whether providing graphic design, motion graphics, or other creative or business services. Hire him because he does great work - I promise you'll like him. You'll really, really like him."   David DiGirolamo 02
Linda Gutin, President, Let's PEP It Up!  
"I was looking for someone to act as a consultant for a short-term project, found David's website, and subsequently hired him for a few hours of consultation work. I found him to be quite knowledgeable as he answered all my questions, gave creative suggestions, and was extremely responsive and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others, and have in fact emailed him a couple of times with questions and he is always very, very helpful. In an age where people are not all they seem to be, he knows his stuff! A++"  
Stefanie Schoonmaker, Owner, The Brilliant Assistant    
“David has amazing talent and is one of the nicest professionals I have ever worked with. His amazing skill of film making, wonderful calm personality, dependability and sincere interest in each project, makes him a very special person. I would recommend David for the project that needs professional tone or education value. He helps to define a great film maker, in my book!”    
Sandra Burnett, Owner, SchoolHeart, Inc.    
"Through David's creative work our bank was able to articulate the right message to our customers. The result was an increase in our Blue Savings Account customers which is key as our bank grows."    
Scott Kelly, Vice President Investment Banking, KeySource Commercial Bank    
"I hired David to create custom graphics on a web video project in early 2010. Working with David is a breeze: he knows exactly what he's doing, I felt completely confident in his skills, and he was able to take my idea and bring it to life right before my eyes. If you need a valuable creative on your side who has the knowledge and expertise to make it happen, then David is your man."    
Alex Ferguson, CxO, Epic Realm Productions    

“David has provided us and many of our clients with services ranging from logo design and branding to video editing and motion graphics. He is capable of taking any project or idea and providing a valuable end-to-end production experience. One thing we are using his services for now... Training! He is mobile and available on site for training in all the Adobe software we use daily. I regularly recommend him to other business professionals because I'm confident he will satisfy their goals as well. His contributions to This Legacy Now have been, and continue to be, enormous."

Randy Strickland, Owner, This Legacy Now Productions    
"David has an exceptional creative ability to see things I never imagined. He was very supportive, responsive and professional regarding my projects and I would not only recommend his services, but I would use them again and again!"    
Ken Dougherty, Legal Services Professional    
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